Monthly Archives: January 2012

blue beads

I saw this lying on the sidewalk today. About the size of a dime.

The blue color really stood out against the cement. I don’t really know what it is.


Here’s a Pontiac Silverstreak automobile.

It was parked outside Moe’s restaurant on Front Street one fine Spring morning.

frozen puddle

I saw this frozen puddle while walking around the neighborhood today. It had a crazy pattern to it

like a burner on an electric stove. I’ve not seen anything like it. Very cool.


This is a view out of my office window. It overlooks Portage Trail crossing Rt. 8.

Shot very early one morning during a ‘fog fest’.

fall tree

It’s hard to miss the character of a tree in the Fall.

Shot early one morning in downtown Cuyahoga Falls.


This is the Greystone Building in downtown Akron. I shot this as I was exiting

the library early one winter evening.

coupe deville

Here’s a sweet, powder blue Cadillac Coupe de Ville that was sitting in front of

the Don Sitts ‘classic’ showroom on Front St.

plymouth automobile

Every morning I walk the Don Sitts auto dealership. It’s always great to see the different
kinds of cars that they have showcased on their lot. I’m definitely into cars!
Here’s a classic Plymouth that was in front of the Sitts showroom today.


The Suburban Professional Building in downtown Cuyahoga Falls.

ice sculpture

Here is an ice sculpture that was on display at a winter festival held in my neighborhood this weekend.