Monthly Archives: February 2012

cadillac eldorado

A true classic!

parking deck

This time of year, I really notice the quality of evening light starting to change as the days get longer.

As I walked out of a building near the University of Akron at about 6 PM, I saw the ‘just setting’ sunlight

hitting the Exchange St. parking deck and grabbed this image.

maple leaves

A study of maple leaves.


There was a nice Jag on the Sitts lot today as I walked past.

There’s not a more recognizable hood ornament.


As I was walking past the Don Sitts lot today I noticed how the water droplets looked cool on a couple

of the vehicles. It was an overcast morning with flat light so the droplets showed up nicely.

I couldn’t help also capturing the BMW logo. Really eye catching.


I went to the top of our parking deck one evening in late January and captured this

combination of textured clouds and sunset.

winter storm

I really enjoy the winter weather. There’s nothing like hiking out in a blizzard.

video duration: 30 seconds

Snowstorm at Falls River Square from Dennis Roliff on Vimeo.

falls river square

Banner backlit by morning sunlight. Falls River Square.

akronlife magazine feature

Here is the cover of the current (Feb 2012) issue of AkronLife magazine and the

opening spread of the feature article. I made these images in early January at a beautifully furnished condo

in the Northside Lofts building in downtown Akron.

light and shadow

Morning sunlight crashing into the street underneath the Portage Trail overpass. February 3rd 2012