Monthly Archives: January 2013

j s knight center

While walking to the downtown Akron library today I made this image of Susan L. Hamo Plaza at the John S. Knight convention center. The look of the textured stone and overall blue hue fit well with the 20 degree temperature outside.


winter banners

The city has finally put up their ‘Winter at Falls River Square’ banners that go on lightposts in my neighborhood. They always add a nice flavor to the wintry weather!


ice sculpture

The Falls River Square District held it’s annual ‘Frozen River Festival‘ Jan 18th – 20th. Here is one of the beautiful ice sculptures that were carved by University of Akron Culinary Arts students during the celebration.


interview with Paige

Here’s a short interview with NYC fashion model Paige Krecji…

Paige Krecji ~ interview from Dennis Roliff on Vimeo.