Monthly Archives: February 2013

sunrise building

This is the building across from mine on the Front Street mall. The spring/summer sunrises always create dramatic, warm highlights and shadows across the structure and mall walkway. A nice visual to start the morning.


coffee mug #003

An ice storm gripped the area this morning and the Front Street mall was literally a skating rink. Here’s my coffee mug sitting on the surface of the sheet of ice that coated the mall walkway.


colored chalk

Last summer I was walking past Mothersbaugh Roos Art Gallery in the Falls River Square District and noticed
this explosion of colored chalk on the sidewalk. It seems that someone had left a deliberate artistic statement.
Nicely done!


suv snow sculpture

This is an image I made on a recent sunny morning after an overnight snowfall. A new car dealership in my neighborhood keeps a large inventory of SUV’s on their lot and I always walk past it in the A.M. I thought
the view down the hoods of all these SUV’s made an interesting snow landscape.


warm weather illusion

I made this portrait of model Paul Pangle on a 28 degree day in mid December at the Falls River Square amphitheater in Northeast Ohio. The late afternoon light combined with the light colored sport coat give the illusion that this image could have been made in the heart of Miami’s South Beach on a warm summer evening.


St. Bernard

St. Bernard Church in downtown Akron, Ohio is not only a historic landmark but also well known for it’s magnificent interior architecture. Click here for a larger image.


coffee mug #002

Here is another instance where I set my coffee mug down to make some images and, when I glanced back down at it to pick it up, noticed the interesting composition of light and shadow. Maybe this will become a series, ha ha.

© Dennis Roliff Photography


hood ornament

The Don Sitts auto dealership down the block has a small showroom where they keep vintage automobiles. One day while walking by I saw this beautiful 1940 Chevrolet complete with classic hood ornament. They definitely don’t make them like this anymore.

© Dennis Roliff Photography


winter evening

The atmosphere across from my building on the Front Street mall takes on a bit of a surreal characteristic on early winter evenings. The warm, pleasant glow of incandescent lighting in front of the Cashmere Cricket Pub and pink storefront of the vintage clothing store ‘Secret Past’ next door are a stark contrast to the cold and bluish hue of the frosty surroundings outside.

© Dennis Roliff Photography


coffee mug

While walking through the Falls River Square District on this 12 degree winter morning, I set my metal coffee mug down to make some images of the scenery. I thought the cup and it’s shadow made an interesting contrast against the frosty surroundings.

© Dennis Roliff Photography