7 day photo challenge

I challenged a photographer friend of mine to make at least one image every day for seven days in a row. Even if it was just a cell phone snapshot. I would do the same and we would share/discuss the images at the end of the challenge. I placed the uncropped photos inside a square black box so that I could display them on my Instagram account. Here are my 7 images with some commentary…

purple flowers

day #1   title: purple flowers

I was walking down on the University of Akron campus coming back from my evening laps at their outdoor track and field facility when I spotted this scene. Evening sun filtered across purple flowers.

blue day

day #2   title: blue day

A view out my office window through vertical blinds on a rainy/grey afternoon. I had the white balance on the camera set to 3200K (from a previous shoot) and liked the heavy blue tone that resulted.

bricks and shadows

day #3   title: bricks and shadows

Early morning sun splashing through a wrought iron fence and trees onto the brick walkway in the Falls River Square District.

sky and buildingtop

day #4   title: sky and buildingtop

A view out my 2nd floor balcony doors at the late evening eastward sky and sun edged top of the building directly across.

beads and bricks

day #5   title: beads and bricks

As I exited our building on this bright sunny morning, I noticed a number of strands of beads scattered on the sidewalk. I wondered if I had missed a mardi gras party. 🙂

lane 7

day #6   title: lane 7

I made this shot on a grey and drizzly morning while doing some laps at the University of Akron’s outdoor track and field facility.


day #7   title: sarah

An image from a test shoot with a model from a local agency.

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