wardrobe tips

for people who have booked a shoot with multiple wardrobe looks these are general tips
for those who are with a talent agency, please follow your agencies protocol for wardrobe

* Wear one of the outfits to the session in order to save you time.
* Bring outfits in the colors you feel you look the best in.
* Pastel colors work well.
* Middle tones or deep solid colors are ideal for formal portraits.
* Avoid large prints or patterns that distract from your face.
* Wear whatever style of clothing you are most comfortable in.
* Remember to match your shoes to your outfits.

wardrobe is hung in my flat and bathroom is available for convenient changing and makeup/hair adjustments
for those who have arranged for a hair/mu stylist to attend the shoot, you can view the hair/mu area here

click on images below to view samples

I appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from you.
Please contact me with any questions.